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— Damien Mulley ¸ (@damienmulley) April 9, 2016

Before the Press Release Sample

Hello and welcome to the single but very long page by Mulley Communications talking about media training, press release creation and giving details of media courses and PR courses that we sometimes do. First things first. The media is your friend and media people like to help you get attention for your business or organisation. They are overworked and underpaid so keep that in mind when thinking of your PR. Make their sometimes crappy jobs a little bit better.

Press Release Tips

Press Release Sample, a handy template

Who are you?

Damien Mulley does mentoring for public and private bodies: from helping start-ups on their marketing and comms strategies, to market research on whether their products will work, to creating media plans on how to get quality media attention. We’re a company that likes to help businesses, groups and individuals get better at communicating, mainly using online resources like your own website, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other online tools. AKA, we make you famous on the Internet.

This website is owned by Mulley Communications Cork Ltd. We also run the Cork Digital Marketing Awards. We've worked with many Cork companies large and small and sure aren't Cork companies the best in the world anyway?

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Email is one of the better ways to get in touch. You can email me, Damien on helloDamien@Mulley.ie. Filling in this quick form will make things faster for both of us. Or my mobile is 086 825 8586 (but I'm always in meetings or training sessions so it's rarely answered). "We" are Damien Mulley and a team of highly talented trainers and consultants. If you want to know about new courses, events and whatnots, we have a mailing list that we don't update as much as we should:

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